Help on Immediate needs

To boost this effort we are needing, ASAP:

  • Collaborators – If you are able to contribute with your expertise, that is what we need right now. Your soft skills are your value, and what you know is your best talent is what we want to put to use. If you know you are good in something, tell us
  • Brands that want to use recycled ocean plastic – We need proof of concept. We need products in stores and consumers buying them. If you work in product development, if you own a brand or if you work for one, think of a product you could make with recycled ocean plastic (remember clothing items, toys, pens, etc), and ask us how to get your certified ocean plastic and how much it will cost
  • Publicity – Say, talk, publish, shout, sing, paint, create! Spread the word!
  • Funding – We need investments and donations. See this page for more details on easy ways to fund us. Contact us if you are interested in having a participation in the company
  • Promotional videos – If you have ideas or can contribute in some way do it here. Now!!!!

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